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This is the top 8 supplements
A complete lifestyle program is built around a positive mental attitude, physical fitness in balanced amounts, a structured diet, but do not forget the rest and recovery. It is now a vigorous debate in the media about both diet and the use of supplements, which sometimes oversimplified experts tendenserer to put things on the tip so that it evokes strong reactions, both the one and the other way with people. I give you my views on the matter

Our view on the matter
Supplements have been used by our ancestors throughout the world for thousands of years, in the form of herbs, fungi, plants and drinks.

Nutritionists argue that a regular is enough to give your body what it needs of food, but in practice have two problems here. Firstly - When one looks around it is very few people eat herring and potatoes, or mother's meatballs, it is rather in the finished pizza, bread and sausages Shell in our hectic society.

Top Supplements
Secondly, it is likely that the requirements for a body exposed to heavy loads and long sessions continued to exceed the nutrient intake if you are not aware of this. So a varied and healthy diet will usually supply the body what it needs, but in practice there are many advantages to supplementing with supplements.

Ask for help
It is a jungle of different products and manufacturers out there, and there is something new every day that promises amazing results. It is easy to become confused and lose perspective on what is most important for achieving their goals.

The first step to choosing the right supplements, is to set up your specific goals. What do you want to achieve with your training and your diet? If you lose weight? Up? Need a little extra energy?

A personal trainer, nutritionist or other expert can easily put you into grants the main functions in relation to your desires. You should be careful not to simply follow the stream and use the same type of supplement that worked for a friend or training partner. Our bodies are very different and have different needs and requirements ..

Here we will present a ranking of what supplements we think are the most effective and best documented.

8th - Glutamine
Glutamine peptides are a form of glutamine that is not only legal in Norway, but also through the "problem" with the mucosa of the stomach and intestines will occupy about 90% of pure glutamine, and thus make it available to the muscles. Interest-glutamine is also not allowed to be sold over the counter in Norway.

Glutamine peptides will improve recovery, faster glycogen storage, muscle fuel for the activity that lasts between 20-90 seconds continuous (ie h√łyrepssett or interval training), and have beneficial effects on immune function. 2-3g in their training, and possibly an extra dose before bedtime is a general guideline.

7th place - "Fatburners"
A fat burning supplements will assist in the performance of a balanced diet and exercise program, through improved energy levels, better combustion and less s√łtsug. Yet many believe that they can just take a pill and automatically lose weight - but this is thus physically impossible! You have to have a calorie deficit by eating less and increase activity levels, first and foremost, and then you can support this by taking a fat burning supplements, Those who say you can lose weight just by taking a pill dangers of lies and untruths. We will get back to what ingredients are effective in a fat burner at a later date, but we can at first mention green tea, either in pure form or as extract. In addition to caffeine - well known to be both invigorating and fat-burning, green tea contains a group of substances called polyphenols. Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) are included in this group and has powerful anti-oksidantegenskaper, but several studies also show that these drugs provide better fat burning as well.

In fact, green tea is so chock full of bioactive ingredients that researchers have not yet ascertained the extent of all the positive attributes, but it has still proven beneficial effects on the immune system, brain and cancer medicine.

MyoRevolution has developed a formula that would be very effective for burning fat, based on the documentation we have today on the ingredients that actually have a detectable effect in humans - when we see the words away from ingredients that either require such high doses that it will be expensive / impractical, and ingredients that have positive effects in animal experiments but have not proven to work in humans. However, we will not reveal anything specific yet, so here it is just to wait and see!

We recommend you to try our Neodiet

6th - Beta-alanine
Beta-alanine is a new and promising nutritional supplements that are not yet commercially available or approved for sale. It's called a beta amino acid, which indirectly serves as a buffer in the muscles by increasing the levels of Carnosine. Lactic acid and an acidic environment in the muscle inhibits performance ability when training with many repetitions, interval training for 60 seconds and over a long distance runner and all types of sporting activity with long periods of high intensity (baseball, football, basketball, hockey).

In practice, the use of beta-alanine neutralize the pH of the muscles, and thus improve endurance strength. Beta-Alanine also works very well with creatine, which some studies suggest a so-called synergistic effect - ie that the combination is more effective than what the effect of each of them separately would suggest.

An endurance athlete running distances that creatine has little effect will be a noticeable performance increase of beta-alanine. Studies on beta-alanine indicates that it must be taken four times daily to stable levels in the muscles, which may make it impractical for some. Nevertheless, beta-alanine such an effective dietary supplement, especially for endurance sports, that we can give it a strong 6th.

5th - Vitamins and minerals
Vitamins and minerals. A multivitamin will not be necessary in our opinion, if you make sure you get in your vegetables, fruits and otherwise eat healthy and varied, but some prefer to take it "for safety's sake."
Zinc, magnesium and calcium, however, minerals that are useful for active people. We recommend 200-400mg magnesium and 15mg zinc every night before bedtime for better sleep quality, hormone levels, prevention of muscle cramps and recovery. Even with a balanced diet, it appears that active people who train hard and have much the lack of this important mineral.

Calcium is especially important to strengthen bones in women, but recent studies also indicate that 800-1200mg calcium every day to support fat metabolism. You consume a lot of milk products, it is enough to lower doses or no subsidies at all ..

Vitamin C is an excellent antioxidant that has multiple beneficial effects for active people. It strengthens the immune system, and has positive characteristics of both the mood, recovery and hormone levels. We recommend 600-1000mg per day, divided between morning and evening, or time-release variety.

4th place - Creatine Monohydrate
On the 4th place in our ranking, we find the familiar creatine, the best documented nutritional supplement today. Although there are some so-called non-responders who do not experience any noticeable effect of creatine (for approximately 20-30% of the population), studies that creatine activates mechanisms directly on the cellular level that the potential for future muscle growth.

70-80% of all who use creatine are experiencing increases in both explosive strength and endurance strength. Although there are so many different varieties of creatine on the market today, which promises gold and green forests, few of these are documented. When the regular creatine monohydrate is so readily available, inexpensive, and solid evidence, it will be one of the most important supplements for a serious athlete. 5g per day, in connection with training or with the meal on the training-free days to ensure you have maximum creatine store in the muscles.

3rd place - Meal replacement
Now we come to the podium places, and in 3rd place we find products that will help to balance the diet and simplify life for busy people. You can train so perfect you just want to, but if food and diet is not correct will be far from achieving the results you should have.

In relation to the goal, we recommend meal replacement, protein chocolate or a so-called gain. These are complete meals in powder form or as a chocolate, which in a simple way either replace or be in addition to other meal - depending on whether you want a calorie deficit or surplus.

A meal replacement such. Active Meal has a balanced composition with a focus on protein, moderate carbohydrate and fat content from healthy sources of fat, as well as all the vitamins and minerals. Replaces an energy-rich meal with such a meal replacement, you will lose weight and fat percentage. Meal Replacement may also be taken before and after exercise.

Want to gain weight, there is a weight gain product - often called the gain - which mostly contains carbohydrates, some protein and some fat. Our experience is that many people react negatively to such gainere in terms of energy fluctuations, and that the lighter is inflated and put on fat instead of muscle.

Since the absorption of carbohydrates is highest after a workout, you should limit your intake of gainere to this. We will also recommend that you consume a meal replacement as AM: PM Active Meal in ADDITION to a meal to increase the overall energy intake by 250kcal. A small handful of nuts or 1SS olive oil / canola oil for food will supply nearly 100kcal extra, you can do this 4-5 times daily is often more than enough to put on weight.

2nd - Protein Powder
Protein supplements are silver place in our ranking of the best dietary supplement. Our experience shows that people who would like assistance with their diet generally eat little meat, fish, eggs and dairy products to come up in protein amounts that are appropriate for optimal progress. For muscle building, strength gains and endurance sports is the recommendation of the Area 2-3g of protein per kg lean body weight (body weight minus fat weight, fat weight that is fat% multiplied by body weight). 2g/kg should be sufficient, but many report better results when they increase protein intake, while carbohydrate and fat intake is moderated to end up the same calorie intake.

The diet is extremely important to have an increased protein intake, both to prevent the loss of muscle mass, but also because the combustion is maintained better and the feeling of fullness increased by high protein intake. Here, we recommend to take up to 3g of protein per kg lean body weight per day, and some have good experiences with as much as 4g/kg, although we shall argue that this is absolutely necessary.

It is up to each individual how much they want to ingest through food and how much they consume via protein supplements, but a good protein powder - Myoprotein - will make it much easier to ingest adequate amounts of protein. For example, do eat 1kg of meat or fish every day to get in you 200g protein (3g/kg lean body weight for a man of 80kg with moderate fat%). There are few people who have food budget or desire to eat as much meat and fish. 2 protein shakes per day 40g each will cover almost half of this, and can be consumed as part of a meal or without a meal.

Price wise, a protein powder cost you around 23-25kr per 100g of pure protein. Compare this with the price of a pound of meat / fish (also about 100g protein), in the 40-50kr and up. Protein supplements can thus be cost-effective as well.

1st place - Omega-3 supplements
The obvious winner, who probably already have most though, is omega-3 fatty acids DHA, EPA and DPA. Everyone should supplement with a good omega-3 supplements based on fish oil, seal oil or salmon oil. There are hundreds of studies demonstrating the beneficial health effects especially of DHA and EPA found only in marine sources.

Research suggests that omega-3 fatty acids from seal oil are best the Assumption of the body, and also contains the specific fatty acid DPA as fish oils have low levels.

These fatty acids reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease by up to 70%, provides improved insulin sensitivity, improve fat mobilization and metabolism, beneficial effects on hormone levels and much much more. The list is long, the conclusion is simple: Do you eat no oily fish at least 2-3 times per week, you should take 1SS fish oil or seal oil each day.

Then, we have summarized the most important dietary supplements, and we have an obvious winner. We will also mention some simple precautions when you go to the purchase of supplements.

Supplements are no substitute

Finally, we will only repeat what we mentioned at the beginning of the article, namely that dietary supplements should not act as a substitute for a sensible, balanced diet and exercise. The grants will in many ways simplify your life and give that little extra, but there is nothing that will work if you have not provided the fundamental.