The Protein Factory

Protein Which should I choose? Tech Nutrition, Nutrition Nordic or protein factory
The range of proteinbarerer is huge, but it is not necessarily easy to find a protein bar that both tastes good and is relatively healthy and balanced relation. composition of protein, carbohydrates and fats. We look at some of the most popoulære and give you our opinion.

ProZyme Protein is the last proteinbarlanseringen from supplements provider Tech Nutrition . ProZyme has an impressive protein content of 32% and has in general a nice mix of macro nutrients. The fact that it also tastes good, makes this a good option when you're on the road, or do not have time to make some food.
The Protein Factory

The draw down is first and foremost that one chooses to call the bar ProZyme, when the contents can be read that they have used milk proteins (50/50 ProZyme contains casein and whey, and milk proteins naturally made up of 80/20). I would also like to see that you have had invested in using a healthy source of fatty acids, such as olive oil.

The price is too stiff. 349 dollars for 12 x 50g protein bars are not exactly cheap. The chocolate flavors are found in banana, milk chocolate and caramel crisp.

2good Protein from PVL (Importer: nordic nutrition ) test has the best taste. The high protein content (about 30%) is also something that pulls up. If you look at the choice of fatty acids we see that one here also have included olive oil, and MCT fats. This is an exciting combination that several other manufacturers should be considered.

The composition of proteins, carbohydrates and fat could have been any better. It is also unfortunate that one has spent a little excessive ingredients.

The price is good. 349 dollars for 12 x 98g bars are cheap. 2good Protein is found in the flavors chocolate coconut, cookies and cream, double caramel delight and Peanut butter chocolate.

Protein Factory Protein Oxygen is a tasty chocolate protein from the nation's heavyweight in the dietary supplement segment. It has certainly taken good taste. The protein content of 28% is certainly acceptable, but my opinion is that the composition of protein and carbohydrates should be a little different.

Soybean oil is used a lot of chocolate production and is also a protein factory has gone too. This gives good flavor, but not the same fatty acid quality that you get to use olive oil.

A box of 12 bars, each 50g costs 289 kroner (24 per pack). Given the composition and quality, it is my opinion that one may be given the price of 21-22 dollars, alternatively, one could increase the protein percentage of something, and selected olive oil as fatty acid source. When it had become the top score.

What should I look for?
You should look for a protein bar high protein percentage (preferably over 30%), and that the composition of protein and carbohydrates are somewhat evenly distributed. When it comes to fatty acids, it would be best if the producers had used olive oil, MCT oil, etc., and stayed away camouflage as "vegetable oil, soy oil, etc.

A protein bar is strictly speaking nothing more than a chocolate bar with extra protein in. This gives a lower insulin secretion, however, affect blood sugar less and increases the feeling of fullness significantly. A protein chocolate can not replace a meal, but can be a supplement in pderioder where you do not have time to spsie regular food or as supplements in a weight gain phase.

Points Score (1-6, where 6 is best)
ProZyme. Sample 5 Quality 5 Price 3 -> TOTAL: 13poeng
2good. Sample 6 Quality 4 Price 5 -> TOTAL: 15poeng
Oxygen. Sample 5 Quality 4 Price 4 -> TOTAL: 13poeng