Food that makes you fat

Foods that make you fat: what about?

Many people believe that certain foods make you fat more than others, but is it the truth? Take stock.

Today everyone is exposed to the risk of being overweight because of modern lifestyle, and foods consumed. With this come all the risk associated health problems such as cardiovascular disorders, digestive concerns or stress, and even social. This is the main reason why many people fear the foods that make you fat. Questions such as "do mangoes (or rice, watermelon, etc....) Are fattening?" We are frequently asked.

The good news is that if eaten in moderation, no food is really gaining weight. There are certain rules to be observed on how to eat fewer foods "that make you obese" and more food "fat burning." . And if you follow these rules, you can stay thin and fit while eating what you like. Here's a simple explanation of these rules:

1) Model of Food Consumption
A person who wishes to watch her ​​weight should start his day with a hearty breakfast. The fact is that the body does not consume any food for about 8 to 10 hours (overnight), and requires replenishment.

Furthermore, thanks to a good breakfast, the following meals may be more easily taken in moderation. Lunch should take place at fixed times to nearly 30 minutes. Lunch should be lighter than breakfast, and should not be followed by a nap. Dinner should be taken at least 3-4 hours before going to bed (so that digestion can be almost completed when you sleep).
Food that makes you fat

2) What you eat
The rule here is to eat fewer calories than you need for daily functioning of your body (work, walking, physical activities). So you should know the number of calories contained in your foods and how much you actually burn.

You could get help in this area with a nutritionist or dietitian. In case you love the high-calorie foods, go ahead and eat what you like. However, be sure to do enough exercise to burn those extra calories.

3) Get active
The key to staying fit is to sports training, not to avoid at all costs "foods that make you fat." Whatever food you love to eat, even if you eat only chocolate cakes for several days, the excess calories consumed can be compensated by making the right exercise (to burn off those extra calories).

However, best results should be observed when diet and workout routine physical complement. You can take a normal diet without bothering the number of grams that you could take by consuming each food eaten, provided that the regular exercise (at times sufficient intensity and a relatively strong, e.g. make a five-minute walk the slow walk a day is not enough to lose weight if you eat the other hand often calorie desserts).

what food makes you fat
The bad news is that most people are not doing well with the calculations when it comes to counting calories consumed versus calories burned.

So instead of balancing food intake with exercise needed to expend the calories consumed, they would rather starve themselves by following some very low-calorie diets. This type of weight-loss programs actually robs the body of certain foods, creating a vacuum that - at the slightest temptation - may turn into binges consistent.

In turn, these crises sometimes dramatically increase the weight of the person, triggering another very low-calorie diet. A vicious circle is then in place.

There is more bad news. Most foods we love are likely to gain weight. This is because we tend to overeat these foods, creating extra fat in the body. As mentioned above, there are actually foods that contain or contribute more to the accumulation of fat than others. However, if you know the calorie count of each, all food will be equal. You could choose any food which - when mixed together - give you the total amount of calories you need daily.

Many people have a long list of what they can eat and what they cannot, based on the caloric content of each food. Few people are resistant to chips or toast soaked in butter or a slice of chocolate cake. How many people can eat these foods without feeling guilty then? Because they feel they do not take care of their line when they do that.
healthy foods that make you fat

Likewise, a considerable number of people consumed tea (black, green, chamomile, etc....), fish oil, coffee, olive oil, etc.... Contentedly because they feel it help them lose weight. And that's partially true. Some of these foods prevent or obscure hunger, so that the person eats less. Some foods activate the metabolism so that it is accelerating, while others have very few calories ( enough to be called "negative calorie foods," which is also false ).

Your best help in weight loss is not the type of food you eat but how you eat. So stop wondering what food to gain weight or, which do not cause. Ask yourself which foods contribute to good health.

Each component of the food chain is important: carbohydrates, proteins, lipids (fats) , fiber, etc.... Learn about the nutritional qualities of each food and design a balanced diet for yourself. At the same time, remember to balance calorie intake by burning enough calories every day. That's all you need to stay healthy, physically fit and stay in shape.

And you, do you constantly to foods that make you fat?