Losing weight counting calories

Five ways to count calories simply in a regime

Counting calories can improve performance when you diet. Here are five ways to count calories more simply.

The verdict is clear: the calories are important when it comes to dieting. Burn more calories than you consume, and the result is the weight loss. And the more you can reduce calories from your diet or physical exercise, better your results will be.

For some of you, what we have said is nothing new. Those who have already tried to lose weight know that they must count calories and that one of the biggest problems is simply the difficulty of keeping track of those calories.

Suggest you try the following five tips for simply counting calories, and you will not feel that you need a PhD in mathematics only to determine the calories consumed during the day:

1) Reuse
It is not necessary to measure certain foods over and over if you just use the same dishes.

If you enjoy eating cereal in the morning, for example, measure a portion in a measuring cup, then put in a bowl with a visible marking, such as a drawing or a band. The next time you eat cereal, fill the bowl at the same level, and you will know the amount of calories consumed without the need to measure.

If you have an inexpensive bowl, you could even make a mark on it with a permanent marker.

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Losing weight counting calories

2) Counting in advance
Nothing is more annoying than having to stop and write a food diary every time you eat a meal or snack. Eliminate this nuisance factor when planning your meals in advance (see also our article " Should you plan meals or eat when you are hungry? ").

Decide what you will eat for a day (or week), estimate the amount of calories consumed, then follow this planning. You will only need to open the food diary if you eat something not provided for in planning.

Having a written plan also facilitates the right followed by a regime, then planning will double hit.

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3) Round
Visit easier counting calories with rounding to the nearest ten. Why would you add 197 + 41 + 19 calories, so you can easily add 200 + 40 + 20? The rounding really does not distort the calculations (as it comes to small numbers).

Round will allow you to keep in mind the amount of calories consumed more easily, and because you are going around the top as often as you round down, there should be no problem for your weight loss (no inaccuracy in the total).

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4) Forming habits
The further you eat the same food, the more easily you will know your caloric expenditure by estimation.

This may seem difficult now, when you should seek the values ​​of many ingredients, but ultimately, you will know how many calories are in some of the dishes you eat the most.

Habits so Form: choose the alike brand, buy the same type of bread, cheese, low fat, etc.... and you will not have to look at food labels every time you shop, to properly count

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5) Drink Light
The easiest way to count all your drinks is to avoid drinking caloric beverages. Try to drink especially drinks with zero calories, and you will not have to write anything in the food diary.

Unsweetened tea, coffee without sugar, most soft drinks like "diet" (like Diet Coke), and water are almost all zero calories. Choose the type of caffeine-free and you will be very well hydrated (e) in the morning. However, preferably opt for water or unsweetened tea rather than coffee or drinks like Diet Coke, not the healthiest drinks that exist.

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People who have successfully lost weight by counting calories more say you are long you will find the most compages easy. Bring a food diary with you all the time (in your multimedia mobile phone or PDA, for example, or in a book to put in your purse / backpack). You will see that the count on a long-term you will see more clearly on the plan you follow.