Creatine Monohydrate Facts

5 Facts about Creatine Monohydrate
Creatine monohydrate is probably the dietary supplement as it is the most research behind it. In brief, creatine is a supplement that provides increased strength and muscle mass. Although creatine works through several mechanisms, the main effect that it increases the muscle stores of creatine phosphate. Creatine phosphate is used to resyntetisere ATP during exercise at high intensity and short duration. The best example is strength training. Let us look more closely at a few brief facts about creatine.

1. Creatine works best on the activity of short duration (a few seconds), but also seems to have a certain effect on the duration does not exceed 2 minutes.

2. In studies on strength and sprint has creatine monohydrate a performance-increasing effect, by increasing the strength and number of repetitions with submaximal weights (respectively 8 and 14%).

Creatine Monohydrate Facts

3. Recent research shows that creatine has probably a direct effect on muscle mass by increasing genes involved in muscle hypertrophy.

4. Although the majority of studies on endurance exercise showed little or no effect, it is worth noting the results of individual studies. This includes reduced muskelinnflammasjon and damage after endurance training, increased anaerobic kraf and increased innlagring of glycogen in the muscles. The downside of creatine, however, that for many, an increase in weight, which in fitness-based sports may be negative.

5. It is believed that between 20 and 30% of the population are "Non responders" to creatine. For although many have a good effect of creatine, is also enjoying some no effect.

Despite this, a study on football players known that those who took creatine, reduced the risk of cramps and injuries.