Calcium Fat

So important is calcium for fat metabolism
Are we to believe that dietary supplements industry is calcium an extremely important ingredient in all fettforbrennere - if the result is the most important. Is this correct? or is it yet another unfounded allegation and junk? We took a closer look at current studies on calcium and fat metabolism, and gives you the final answer!

In recent years we have gotten the impression that calcium may be involved and contribute to increased fat burning, or to reduce the storage of fat by weight gain. There are also studies showing an inverse correlation between fat and intake of calcium. That is, a high intake of calcium is assosisert with lower amount of fat on the body.
Calcium Fat

However, you should not emphasize the so-called observational studies too much. For there is no control in that it is calcium makes you have less fat on the body. It is equally conceivable that those who consume calcium have a healthier lifestyle and exercise more. There are also studies of this type that does not show any relationship - or just so weak that the correlation is not significant enough that we can give it any importance.

In previous years, Zhou and colleagues published the interesting finding that could shed more light into the debate about whether supplements of calcium helps to increase fat burning on a diet / reducing the amount of fat in weight gain:

A 4-year study of 1179 post menopausal women (55 years or older) were randomly selected for the survey.

They were further divided into 3 groups:
• 1400-1500mg calcium + vitamin D placebo
• 1400-1500mg calcium + 1100 IU vitamin D
• Placebo calcium + vitamin D placebo

Although the study initially aimed to investigate how calcium and vitamin D influenced the development of osteoporosis (osteoporosis), as also by how an intake affected the regulation of body weight and body fat (by DEXA).

One saw no significant differences in the amount of abdominal fat between the groups the first two years of the study's duration, but after 2 years (year 3 and year 4) saw that the amount of abdominal fat and muscle, respectively. increased and decreased in the placebo group (6% and 1-2%).Supplementation of vitamin D had no impact related to this.

But even if we found an association between calcium intake and abdominal fat (after prolonged use),so it must be remembered that the changes are so small - especially considering that they had no control over the diet of the participants.

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