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Is protein powder expensive and unnecessary?
Is it true as a clinical nutritionist, is protein powder expensive and unnecessary?

Ask a fitness happy girl of 23 years, 182cm and 78kg for tips on how she will use protein powder in their training (before and after), and if she needs to take it on the days she is not training .

Instead of responding to reader questions (something one would think was normal?) She comes with a long lectures about how unnecessary protein powder is. Among the arguments are:

• The muscles need protein is limited. The surplus is converted into nitrogen and excreted in the urine

• Eating enough protein through diet

• Instead of using special products you should rather use yt recovery drink, etc.

• From what the 23-year-old girl writes, suggesting nutritional physiologist a protein required for 1 to 1.2 g / kg, equivalent to 78-94g protein.

It is strange to me that nutritional physiologist neglect and fails to discuss the fundamental recommendation - assumptions and objectives. When the person submitting the question does not mention anything specific (other than age, height and weight) - one must also take account of this when giving a recommendation.
Protein Powder Sale

It also seems that believe the protein has only one task in the body of people who exercise - to build muscle. Protein has many important tasks, and for people who want to coach a high protein intake to increase metabolism, regulate the feeling of fullness and help Skeletal muscles have optimal conditions for muscle growth. For it is not automatically all the protein you consume goes directly to the muscles (even though we have several examples of top Olympic have suggested this in their articles and books).

I do not (disregarded the importance of a sustainable diet) that is used so much resources and energy on getting people to moderate their intake of protein. A high protein intake is highly recognized researchers looked at as one of the major factors that a Stone Age diet seems to feed more than a western.

The nutritional physiologist denotes protein powder as a special product, while yt-recovery drink is fine, really says a lot about the situation.