Life Style Diet

Diet or lifestyle change?

What do you think is most effective? I'll give a little insight into what I mean. A diet is associated with some short-lived, with a specific goal. For example, to go down 8 pounds in 12 weeks. It is often too much focus on food, and additional products, such as pills or powder.

I often hear, "I will not eat it and, in so many weeks". "I will not do it and that, and I can not eat it" "As I wait till I can start eating it and it again "In other words, people walk around and feel very committed and bound, and robbed them like it.

It is seen as a struggle with himself, rather than a change to better health. And then what after these 12 weeks? When the goal is finally reached. When the person looks at this as a great achievement, one has finally succeeded and gone down the number of desired pounds. One has endured for 12 weeks. Many people end up when going back to just the same old routines, and often when with even more food and candy for a while, then it will reward themselves for all the hassle.

I think this is very bad starting point for weight reduction and the goal of better health. I see no logic in this. When one at last has reached his ideal weight, should not the goal be to stay there ..?!
Life Style Diet

That's why this is difficult to be feasible with the diet, because it is difficult to follow in length. The match is often not to your lifestyle, you include the foods you really like, monotonous and boring food, urealastiske goals, and too much (powder). You go around and hungry. And you go and long to start eating "normally" again.

To achieve the goal of a slim, nice and healthy (!) Body, you have much better conditions if you choose a lifestyle change.

This is not done overnight. And it's good, it's more affordable and sustainable if it happens gradually. You need to acquire knowledge about food and diet, you have to try out different foods, you need time also begin to learn to make some more food from scratch yourself, and this requires some time.

This is my advice
You can first and foremost, start reading the declaration of food. You'll be surprised how much sugar, salt and additives found in food products, especially mixed products. This is a nice start to make themselves aware of what one actually adds body.

So you can start slowly replacing the things you normally eat, replace white bread with whole wheat bread, replace the yogurt with curd or cottage cheese, replace red meat with fish or lean meat like chicken, replace the chocolate with nuts / nut mixture, replace salami, chocolate spread and these unhealthy orders with boiled eggs, smoked salmon or trout, peanut butter (you can buy sugar / salt-free peanut butter in the health food business), lean cheese and liver pate. Replace the corn flakes of oatmeal. Replace butter with healthy oils. Replace soda and juice, with tea or water with taste (add a little lemon or mint in the water for a fresher taste.)

Make it a habit and include more fruits and vegetables in your daily life. You can easily use the cucumber, peppers, avocados and onions on your album, it is well with both cheese and caviar. Let dinner consist of one half with vegetables. There is an endless choice of many fresh and delicious salads, try and make you a salad meal every day, or at least a few times a week. This is a kjempfin way to get in a lot of food. Bring up the fruit on the job. And eat some fresh vegetables at least one of your meals.

Buy yourself a healthy recipe or find you a few recipes online. And try and make a right from the bottom of a week. This will give you a feeling of mastery and a closer relationship to what you eat. It can be anything from and bake bread, make a soup, a fish stew, an omelet or something similar. The point is that you make it yourself, so you can see what is in the eating. And become more aware of your diet.

And I'll tell you the secret to success: Spisedag! It is difficult and must go and deny themselves all the time food is a real love, though you know that it is not the healthiest option, and candy have to be able to eat once in a while. If one does not, the chances of overeating utskjeelser and also much larger. Select up so one day a week where you can enjoy what you are really missing otherwise. Make up pizza, eat a chocolate, drink a soda, eat a hamburger or whatever you fancy. But hold it a day a week. This will make your week easier and your motivation will be right, if you know that on Saturday (for example) I can treat me this, because that's what I'm doing the rest of the week that counts!

And one very important thing, and a very helping factor that will contribute to a healthy, slim body: trim! Diet is important, but it is also important to touch on them! If you do not burn more calories than you ingest, you will put on you. And you have so very many more benefits to combine a healthy diet with exercise, rather than to starve yourself with a diet that has too few calories. The more active you are, the more you burn. Exercise is also helps to build up your muscle mass which is important because the more muscle you have, the higher your metabolism will be! I've written two posts about training.

The road to a healthier and leaner body In other words, do not be a race to the target. You should take your time to invest in their own health, it is a lifelong investment and it is the best investment you will ever make.