Discount Nutrition Supplements

Main advertiser for December 09 / January 1910, X-Life would like to offer readers of this blog 5% discount on the purchase of food supplements for more than 500 million. In this connection I would also recommend any product I think it is worth considering, depending on who you are and what you want to achieve (cf. formerly blog text on the subject).

Featured Products from X-Life :
Myoprotein 750g 329 - (tastefully high-quality protein)
Mealtech 1.6 kg 559. - (one of the best meal replacements. Definitely the one that tastes best)
Vital Arctic seal oil 500ml 149 - (My personal favorite when it comes to omega3 supplements)
Nitro Fuel 750g 249 - (Good sports drinks that are especially suited for endurance athletes)
Eiselt 500g Crea FX-79 - (Creatine provides increased strength and more muscle. Ridiculously cheap price on this)
Discount Nutrition Supplements

An idea I got:
Now I do not know how many of you who use dietary supplements regularly, and to what scale this happens, but one thought is that all the major advertisers have come to offer my blog readers a good deal. What do you think about this? This is like fitness blog's response to the LO's cooperation with Labour - only that we are not real locks us into a single party.