ZMA Supplement

ZMA is wasted money
The dietary supplement ZMA has long been known to enhance performance in training and improving the relationship between muscle and fat. This was allegedly done by that they had elevated levels of muscle-building hormones, while the hormones involved in the degradation was suppressed. In studies by Wilborn et al (2004) and Koehler et al (2007) Mon turn stated that this is not the case.

For although the former study as a rise in the levels of zinc and magnesium, so it is not the same effect on either body composition, strength (maximum strength and endurance), or achievement. These findings stand in contrast to the dietary supplement industry has been trying to tell us for two decades. Diet expert Alan Aragon, writes the following about ZMA in its review of relevant studies;
ZMA Supplement

"Based on the evidence, ZMA's popularity is due two effective marketing Rather Than physiological effect. For best results, steer clear of this product."

From this it is easy to make hasty conclusions, but it's not that supplements of magnesium and zinc are effective resolved. One must not forget that the minerals also have other important tasks in the body.

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