Do you need all this?

Dietary supplements sales have skyrocketed in recent years.

Although many experts are critical of the increasing use, it does not seem that the consumer agrees to it. Experts argue that the risk is relatively high that supplements bought over the Internet contain illegal drugs, especially drug preparations. Such claims, however, not look to be dated later time, and it is therefore not surprising to see that sales are growing continuously.

One can still ask themselves - are necessary supplements to optimize your training results?

Initially, I allow me to answer a conditional no. There is no magic in the supplements that you can not get in through a balanced and nutritious diet, but in terms of economy and functionality (supplements are practical), it is understandable that many people choose to mix a protein shake with some nuts and fruit next to it, than to spend 30 minutes in the kitchen.

However, it is the place to be based on the individual, when to say whether supplements are necessary. Who are you? What will you achieve? Are you exerciser and want to tighten up a bit so it is obviously not necessary to complete kitchen cabinet with 10-12 different supplements.

Coach the other hand, strength, relatively poor economy and time, then a moderate intake of protein supplements help in everyday life.

The questions mentioned in the previous section also applies to questions about which supplements you might possibly purchase. Eating fatty fish two to three times a week, it will basically meet the need for omega-3. Eating fish, however never, so you can benefit from the purchase of a grant, for example, seal oil.