Chromium Supplementation

What you can expect of chromium supplementation
Chromium is an essential trace element involved in the regulation of glucose turnover in the body. It is an essential mineral that helps the hormone insulin to transport sugar from the blood into the cells. It is found naturally in foods such as apricots, sesame seeds, soy beans and other legumes such as various types of lentils and beans.

In studies, chromium known to improve glucose levels and secretion of insulin in people with type-2 diabetes. Research on healthy people indicates no significant effect related to weight loss.

No effect on body composition
This result is also in line with studies of people involved in physical activity such as strength training and various sports. Here they have not found any effect on body composition and physical performance (controlled for age and gender).
Chromium Supplementation

In studies, it was used between 200 and 500mcg chromium per day. I would not recommend anyone to take a higher dose, when the chromium has been associated with low iron levels in the body (distribution and transport)

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