Powder Diet

You hear the powder diet at home
Low energy content gives you muscle and lower combustion.

Summer is approaching and that means holidays for the manufacturers of slankemat in powder form. Who has not been joined by the alluring advertisements on the internet and television over the past few months?

With guarantees of a quick and lasting weight loss it is easy to be tempted.

In advertising it is frequently mentioned that the powder food provides sufficient supply of macro-and micronutrients to ensure optimal nutritional profile. Although I do in the next section will tell you that this is not the case, it is still something that surprises me more than anything else. There are doctors and nutritionists in this country that willingly lets himself photographed with these products.
Powder Diet

Where is the integrity gone? Recipe these operators take advantage of the marketing is as simple as it is rude: one creates a false credibility of the products by taking advantage of the success stories and product that is both misleading and deceitful.

Is it really so that the antioxidants in powder and tablet form is of similar quality as that found in fruits, vegetables and berries?

No, forthright response from Rune Blom Hoff, who is a professor at the Institute for Nutrition Research at the University. Research on beta-carotene, vitamin C and vitamin E in tablet form show little to no effect, but does however appear to increase the risk of heart disease and cancer.

It should also be mentioned that this diet food is very energy-poor. On paper this may sound positive, but eating too little food leads mainly to two major changes: you get a high loss of muscle mass in combination with a lower metabolism.

It was perhaps not the plan?

On the website of one of the largest players in the segment, you can actually read that one can replace today's meals with four servings slankemat in powder form. Considering that a serving may not contain more than 200 grams, it goes without saying that it is a bad idea.

Lasting Weight Loss
Who wants to lose 10kg if you almost certainly know that they come back just as quickly? Do you want a permanent weight loss, then forget everything called slankemat and diet pills.

These belong in the garbage. Are you looking for the shortcut, it's just as well that you wait until the motivation is there. Without it you will regardless of nowhere.