The Macrobiotic Diet

More than a diet, the macrobiotic diet is a real philosophy of life, from makros and bios, literally long, great life. As almost all the considerable philosophies coming from the east, where it is rooted at least 5000 years. Nothing new under the sun, as Europeans and the rest of the world this type of power is known from the early 900's, when George Ohsawa brought to the forefront of the general public.

Staple foods in macrobiotic cooking are cereals, which should not be refined and grains, fats , among which are allowed sesame butter and extra-virgin olive oil (no to butter and margarine), the legumes ,

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Foods are classified according to their component Yin and Yang. Imagine a scale from 0 to 7, on the one hand, Yang positive (from 0 to +7) other negative Yin (from 0 to -7), each food has its own classification based on the contents Yin and Yang. Are Yin foods to acid component, such as milk, yogurt, fruit, tea , spices? Yang foods are alkaline with a component, such as meat, fish , chicken, eggs, salt . All that has extremes is bad but can be used as "medicine" when it is necessary to treat an imbalance in the opposite component. The concept is a bit difficult and not easily illustrated by and few lines, for which we refer to the hundreds of publications specific to a more comprehensive study.
The Macrobiotic Diet

We must avoid all types of food heavily processed and stored on an industrial scale and recipes using to produce too much processed; you must use products as natural and unprocessed as possible, especially organic. And to delete everything sweetened with sugar and honey ( pies , cakes , etc.) are to avoid potatoes, tomatoes, eggplant, milk and dairy products in general. And 'preferred consumption of fish and meat is not advisable to use salt joint venture and / or spices in favor of the only natural sea salt. A meal will be harmonious if it will contain will contain 50% whole grain, 25% of proteins of which 10% of animal and vegetable origin 15%, 25% of vegetables (cooked or raw) and fruit. For cooking utensils are recommended for wood and bamboo ladles for baskets for steaming. For pots and pans is to use stainless steel or clay. Avoid aluminum utensils as they would go to change the properties and taste of food.The firings are suitable pressure for cereals and legumes, and that the steam plants, fish and meat , not recommended for those who are the most elaborate flans, pies , sauces and gravies various fats.