Protein Power Diet

Dr. David Heber MD, Ph.D. Faculty of Medicine and completed estimates all Harward directors of the Center for Human Nutrition, monitors the global fight against obesity due to human life entirely in the science of nutrition. Three decades of research and efforts aimed at saving the lives of people: Those are the results obtained from the National Institutes of Health, Dr. Heber is a National Cancer Institute, the laboratory director for the Mark Hughes Cellular. and Molecular Nutrition, Medical Director of the Commission on Science Herba-life International. Based on the interview, where is the best way to lose weight by keeping in shape?
Protein Power Diet

Today, everyone is talking about obesity. American is overweight in two; one in three is obese. Countries such as Japan, have always had a healthy diet, now finds that obesity increases by 5% and represents 20% of the population! It is a worldwide epidemic!

For the first time in human history, there are 2 billion people are overweight and 2 billion people without enough to eat: two numbers first time in human history. However, what happened in the last 20 years? I like to say, "no fish, aquarium has" changed us; our genes are identical; they are in our body to 50,000 years, what has changed is our diet and our lifestyle? We eat a quick meal to prepare; we have plenty of food, spending time in the car; we have a sedentary job, often sitting in front of a computer all day.
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If we understand our bodies, we also understand how it works, and we can solve this problem. The first step is to understand its physical form, in knowing your body fat and realize proteins and their functions. People have different bodies, obese accumulates mainly man at the top; women will accumulate on the bottom. Belly tubby or higher is useful for survival: It allows to accumulate calories to survive several days without food. The fat that accumulates on the bottom in women is breast-feeding children rather functions and responds to female hormones: an important function in the body, such as heart, kidney or brain.

Understanding how the body works, understanding how different diets affect the physical mechanisms, understand the function of fat and protein in the body is the key to the right to life based on the fact that bodily.

I had so many patients over the past 30 years. Usually, a man strong character with a lot of fat in the abdominal says: "I cannot lose weight at any time, just eat half and lose 10 pounds!". This is a bad thing when people think they can lose weight at any time they want. So it does not matter what they eat every day and still eat 400 grams of beef with onion. On the other hand, we have a small woman who wants to lose weight, but could not. Compliance with all rules, eating the right foods, but has a slow metabolism due to low protein levels and can lose weight easily. Women usually lose weight slower than men.
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How do you know your body? It is important to know the optimal amount of protein taken daily for their bodies and change their income by adding (or removing) some food: it is clear that everybody is different, and each has its own doctor. Not all have the same characteristics: Knowing one's physical structure is the first step to lose weight and keep fit in the most effective and simplest. So the first thing you know your body, its shape, its fat and how it affects your diet and lifestyle. The first thing I want to learn to understand the mechanisms of the body, it is important to determine the optimal amount of protein you should have.

Proteins are very important to help maintain healthy muscles and organs.
If you do not eat sufficient protein, your body gets the muscles, liver and other organs and does not have enough energy during the day. Even so, when the right amount of energy intake and have much better control hunger without falling into the temptation to eat bad food.

To find out how much protein you need, you need to calculate the muscle. For every kilogram of muscle mass is necessary to 1 gram of protein. So a woman with 100 pounds of lean will need 100 grams of protein a day and her husband, with 150 pounds of thin will need 150 grams of protein. E can also determine the amount of calories you burn every day, all with one tool. Two electrodes on the hands and feet, completely painless and within seconds, using the electrical properties of the body, you can determine how much lean large-scale and fat mass up your body. A woman with a slender 100 pounds burns 1400 calories a day, because every pound of muscle burns 31 calories a day. My husband is 150 pounds lean burns 2100 calories a day.

This way, you know how much protein you eat and how many calories you burn per day. How can I help you lose weight fast with diet? Simple: What happens to be that when you diet is less than 500 calories you burn at rest each day you lose a pound a week.

Finally, you can determine your ideal weight, which is the optimal weight with the right amount of body fat.

All this information is important and can be calculated in minutes with simple tools!

We of a fact construction plan when planning a trip to town, they would like to know "which way should I take? How long will it take me to? What is my ultimate goal?". A diet: a simple tool that you can build a map path toward an optimum form.

How many calories you burn per day? How much protein you need in your diet? How to lose weight quickly and what is your ideal weight goal? All this information is the necessary and proper analysis can be obtained. Once known the information you know how much protein and how many calories a day you need to lose weight properly. However, how do you change your diet? As with Virtually everything during the day? Well, actually, it is very difficult to eat every day, so the correct amount of calories and protein just eat your favorite dishes.

What I personally found is that it works better than an ideal, balanced meal. A healthy protein shake enriched with nutrients, tasty and fresh.

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