The Healthy Bone

Healthy diet

Healthy bones
Our skeleton, as adults, is composed of an average of two hundred and six bones in each place and its function. Unfortunately, perhaps because they are not visible, we tend to neglect their health, forgetting that the bones continue to change throughout life.

Are many people forced to live together day after day, with pain and problems caused by diseases of the bones? Nevertheless, the information on these diseases is low, and doctors often fail to recognize and diagnose.

The food
The diet is essential as a means of prevention. Foods low in minerals, smoking, alcohol abuse, obesity and reduced physical activity are the worst enemies of our bone structure.
The Healthy Bone

The embryonic skeleton, at birth, consists of about 350 bones, cartilage completely. With growth, cartilage merge, blend and go into the bone. The number of bones and then decreases over time to stabilize at just over two hundred to twenty-five years. For this reason, clearly the early development of the embryo must exert pressure to support and prevention, with the foods and multivitamin supplements.

The minerals
Calcium, silicon, the salts are present in food supplements. The blue fish is particularly rich in calcium, iron artichokes, asparagus silicon, to name a few, but the contribution of minerals by natural means has been much reduced due to the industrialization of food supplements is therefore, advisable to use salt minerals.

The sun
The fresh air and moderate exercise are indicated for all ages, not forgetting that our body activates a kind of photosynthesis like plants. The sunlight in any season, is a powerful bulwark against bone diseases.