Fish Diets

The fish: a valuable aid to the daily diet.

The nutritional needs of minerals and proteins can be effectively met through the fish. It is improperly defined "fish" everything comes from the sea, but it is essential to differentiate the different types, cataloging them instead under the heading of "fish". Among these products are fished, shellfish and crustaceans. The varieties available are varied, some very expensive, but in general, all kinds of fish, even the less noble, have dietary properties very valuable and useful. Mostly, all kinds of fish have a high protein with high nutritional value, around 20% of calories , similar to that of meat, constituting therefore a viable alternative.

The amount of fat is variable, from 0.3% to about 24%, but unlike the flesh prevail and omega-3 fatty acids acids, which reduce triglycerides and help the normal functioning of the circulation, preventing aging. Thanks to its high digestibility (in most freshwater fish in the sea), iodine and its useful-soluble vitamins, fish is a food that should supplement your diet with a daily attendance of at least three times a week. And 'in fact, found that frequent consumption of fish and regular aid various aspects of health: it favors the correct hormonal operations (especially thyroid), helps ensure the orderly development of the fetus during pregnancy protects against heart and circulatory diseases, intervenes in the reduction of the values ​​of cholesterol. We can then choose between:
Fish Diets

  • oily fish (delicious, light and easy to use in the kitchen)
  • lean fish (cod, sea bass, trout, squid, octopus, squid, sole, sea bream);
  • fish meat fat (swordfish, tuna, eel, eel, salmon)
  • molluscs and crustaceans (rich in calcium, magnesium, sodium chloride and iodine);
  • seafood (tasty and useful in the kitchen).

In any case, the fish must necessarily be purchased fresh, frozen or as an alternative, but still of a certain origin. Fresh fish has a subtle smell of the sea, a clear eye, the scales very shiny and bright red gills, molluscs and crustaceans should be purchased alive, until cooked, the shellfish should be shiny shell must remain closed until the time of cooking, must be accompanied by health mark and need a thorough cleaning before being consumed.