Infuenza A

Infuenza A and Dietary Supplements

We talk too much and perhaps infamous blunder of this, roads publicized swine flu (or swine). It 's the first time we see such a massive use of media in order to "protect us" from this emergency, which emergency is not that much. We use words like pandemic, governments, and global spread (but look a little) spend millions of our money, to save us and / or protect us from this fearsome influence. One has to thank for this trouble for us, except that is slowly emerging a different view and a different truth. Type the words on google or youtube Swine Flu H1N1 and read and see some beautiful. They are increasing the denials about the real dangers of this virus, fortunately, most people who contract the virus, in civilian locations, with proper care and without serious pre-existing health problems, healthy and have come out in 3 days (scary is not it).

I do not want to be here to discourse on economic grounds, or potential plots global pharmaceutical lobby, which perhaps have created art all this chaos, for that there are other blogs and sites that deal with it (perhaps too many), but rather than giving 2 real statistical data, to propose an alternative solution to the fears of taking this notorious swine flu.

09/09/2009 to today throughout the world were established about 1500 deaths; impressive number, but it becomes much less when compared to the annual deaths from other causes. We list the main ones:
Smoking (including passive): 3,000,000 deaths per year
Pollution: 800,000 deaths per year
Pollution at home / work: 1,500,000 deaths per year
Traffic accidents: 1,200,000 deaths per year
Alcohol: 200,000 deaths
The nice thing is to discover that the world dies much to cause "by law" "legal" and approved. It 'good to die legally.

Infuenza A
So the danger and the virulence of this new (new or recycled) influence seems diminished. Will never, ever, to 50 million dead of the infamous Spanish flu.


Why is not 1918, not just after the first World War, there is hunger and physical exhaustion and mental (on this we would have to make 100 articles) in populations but mainly because we wash, there is running water and 'hygiene is greatly improved over the past 100 years. This, at least in the so-called "civilized world" ... But the rest of the world''.