Natural Diet Tips

Weight Loss Diet

Here, I report a program from a friend advise me natural medicine; I could not bear the name of the products and manufacturers, but following the ingredients listed and explained in detail as well understand me beneficial effects on the body and help with weight loss can be achieved as effective if you can find in herbal medicine, organic supermarkets now common in many cities of our own health-food store supplements' equivalent, with the same ingredients, the herbalist or the specialist who recommended them to us better than we know these characteristics of existing supplements containing various ingredients that I reported here. What I wanted to emphasize is the synergy of cooperation that the individual ingredients lead to slim and toning of our tissues and organs, the experience of a naturopathy and the empiricism of cases observed and seen improvement in my friend, has led to confirmation of the validity of the method, the bibliography is the final seal of further studies and the experience of other scholars and doctors.

Choose to practice this method is a personal choice, seek medical attention and / or dietitian responsible for confirming that the supplements and methods reported here are consistent with their body and not in conflict with their own health problems.

First, you need to follow a detox diet to eliminate toxins from the body, what follows is a diet program with 3 modules: diet, supplementation and treatment of movement, planned by the American Naturopathy Bennett and Barrie. In addition to the classic advice to drink 2 liters of water a day, shows the nutrients and foods with particular roles and particular attention is given to the protein, if you choose to avoid meat, to be replaced by products made from flour rice, rich in protein, vegetables and algae, rich in amino acids, the basic building blocks of proteins, and that in fact it is as if they were digested proteins. Within the diet is a program of purification bowel, liver and kidney, which must precede the diet itself, because it is good to cleanse their bodies from the debris of the wrong food and toxins, so it increases the effectiveness of a weight loss and heal bodies. Before using supplements such as algae, vitamins, and eat with rice, raw vegetables before main meals, cereals and as recommended, so you must plan treatment.
benefits of nutritional supplements


Before you follow a good diet cleanse their bodies. For detoxify must first be purified, which inevitably raises the intestine to be disposed of toxins by the liver first. Then so it must be taken on a liver cleansing is recommended while taking probiotics to help restore a healthy bacterial flora and the intestinal walls. Finally, it is necessary a purification of the kidneys, which have a filter function for the blood, and expel the water-soluble waste arising from the detoxification of the liver, to clean also the workload that have had in the first two phases.

Water Retention

This problem may be due to poor drainage of the tissues, to the aftermath of a steroid treatment, and stress. To eliminate these problems must be taken with diet, taking little sugar and yeast (a little beer, pasta, bread, pizza except KEFIR), instead of using whole grain flours and sugar and eliminating dairy. Obviously this issue to look bad tissue and contributes to the difficulty of disposing of toxins. In particular, the rye, and then the bread and all the products based on rye, help to dispose of the liquids accumulated in the tissues, as well as having a beneficial effect that prevents the hypoglycemic condition prediabetic. Excellent also the 'oil of evening primrose and Hijiki seaweed (sea spaghetti) to help combat fluid retention, this seaweed is also rich in vitamin C, and therefore also suitable for recovering from periods of cooling, also in general seaweed are also good antioxidants and can detoxify the body from heavy metals by tying them.

Treatment program

This detoxification program the naturopath recommended it to me. I researched the properties of the components of these formulations on the purification of natural medicine, dedicated to scientific studies on natural substances, and on a text by Jean Valnet Phytotherapy, Medical Journal of  army during the Vietnam War, considered one of the fathers of naturopathy.

This program is a first step towards the beginning of a slimming diet, help to clean up the bodies of toxins and residues of a misfeed, or otherwise tainted by industrial products.

Bowel cleansing
To start a supplement is taken as a bowel cleansing.

Liver purifying
Subsequently useful as a supplement is taken:

  • as liver purifying
  • against water ritezione
  • to fight cellulite
  • estimate of kidney stones and gallstones
  • for the expulsion of the waste in the urine of physiological processes (urea, uric acid, chlorides) therefore also useful for those who suffer from gout.

It should be taken after cleansing because intestinal toxins are raised by this action that in part are eliminated, but some inevitably fall into the circulation and must be filtered by the liver, which therefore requires a purification. In addition to this action, is very useful to take probiotics, because the intestinal flora, even the good one was slightly damaged by the treatment of intestinal and need help with reintegration of acidophilus bacteria (Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium bifidum), it is fine to say that the yogurt does not contain this type of bacteria ( Some homes do carry the label type and you can check for yourself).

Dietary Recommendations

During the depuration phase, and subsequently, in the period for which you want to take the diet is a good habit of eating raw vegetables such as carrot, artichoke and fennel 10 minutes before meals, so it increases the sense of satiety and clean up the bodies toxins, including the intestine due to the fibers contained. If you want to avoid eating meat is recommended for dinner, while the best carbohydrates to consume whole (unrefined) for lunch and dinner just before sports. Recommended smoothies, juices and fruit and vegetables, and of course taking them whole, and cereal grains such as oats and millet, to be cooked like rice.