Epidemic of diabetes

America embraced the epidemic of diabetes.

Prevalence of diabetes in the U.S. non-stop rise, now affecting about 7% of the population, or more than 20 million people, the researchers report by the American Diabetes Association. They estimated that by 2050 nearly 48 million Americans have Type II diabetes.

This is a serious illness also leads to increasing rates of complications, including blindness, hearing loss, kidney damage, nervous system disorders and amputations of limbs. In addition, For the initial instance in American history a generation born after 2000 will enclose a shorter life bated breath than their parents; experts predict.

Doctors have done and even more disappointing discovery - the most promising anti-diabetic drug "Avandia," as it turns out, increases the risk of heart attack and cardiac arrest. The statistics showed that from 1990 to 2005, cases of diabetes increased annually by 4.6%.
Epidemic of diabetes

According to experts at the University of Michigan, the epidemic of diabetes will have significant implications for America: not only, I will increase health care costs, but will be affected and the economic system as a potentially healthy person are unfit to work.

However, doctors say that the fight against diabetes can be won if everyone thinks about their own choosing healthy foods and proper way of life for themselves and their families. Doctors do not tire of reminding about the benefits of physical activity and eating fruits and vegetables: even hour walking tour instead of a bus ride or an apple instead of ice cream may be small steps to reduce the risk of disease.