Benefits of a healthy diet

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"You had better starved than have a horrible
and whether one is best than with just anyone ... "
Whole grains are necessary for health.
Hello, We are pleased to welcome you to our online store healthy food and environmentally friendly natural products.

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Shop "Diamart" - is, first of all - "territory free of chemicals" and "high tehnologic NY products." We do not offer any "panacea", but by the very nature of natural products, each of which has a positive impact on our body, thanks to its unique composition.
high tehnologic NY

Work shop "Diamart" subject to the firm belief of our team is that good for human health, only those foods that have historically eaten by our ancestors in a given area. Accordingly, the healthiest and proper diets for our national tradition in the food and dishes of cuisine (probably more correct to say "Slavic," since the territory of the constant "redrawn" and Slavic cuisine and traditions are very similar).

In modern terms to the fore the importance of eating natural foods, since all state of the art and refined over-crowded chemistry surrogates offered to us as a major power, totally do not provide our body, even the most minimal set of substances.

The range of products in the store "Diamart" is selected based on a few simple guidelines:

The human body for many millions of years, "built" and evolved to structure based on natural foods. So it was as it should be, if we want to be in condition and have healthy children.
Benefits of a healthy diet

In this slim, proven for thousands of years much of the scheme that uses today's modern metropolis inhabitant of food just does not "fit." Overly refined products do not contain all the necessary health "palette" vital for the body components, which he used to get from natural food.

All kinds of quality improvers selling products: It dyes, flavors, flavor enhancers, preservatives, etc . also did not add health - they inhibited intestinal microflora of our "responsible" for the most vital functions in the body: immune system, metabolism, synthesis of hormones and other Security "food" for the chemistry of the human body, to say the least, greatly exaggerated.

Healthy eating in the first place, should be natural to the area, approximate to the extent possible, the traditional cuisine, familiar and easy to understand the body. In any national system of food all perfectly balanced! Even the almost-forgotten posts perform their important role in maintaining a healthy diet and health.

Diet food Healthy Eating

What is the diet?

We named our site "Diets" in the hope of a return "good name" of the notion. Recently, the phrase "diet," as well as the "diet products" in the media (the media), and the Internet are increasingly used to mean "low calorie." Come across articles in which products such as "Coca-Cola Light" refers to be dietary. It may, therefore, in the departments of health-food stores in Moscow are the goods which are useful for health, to say the least, doubtful.

To deal with the situation, let's see how this concept is interpreted dictionaries. "Encyclopedic Dictionary enterprise manager": "Food diet - designed for therapeutic and prophylactic nutrition foods." Perhaps it is quite specific publication? Possibly a definition of "health food" made ​​in a narrow range of business leaders?

"Great Soviet Encyclopedia" (BSE): "Dietary food - health food. Diet therapy - the use of nutrition therapy for various diseases. Scientific basis of treatment (diet) develops food nutrition - dietetics, the science of nutrition of patients, studies, and justifying the principles of nutrition in different. Healthy people engaged in another science - food hygiene. In the past, all dietetics called the science of health, hygiene is a modern, from the early 19th century, limited to questions of dietetics and nutrition rationalization in the 20th century practically become synonymous with nutrition. Dietetics - theoretically justifies the diet therapy, or clinical nutrition, is the practical part of the Diet diet culinary or therapeutic cooking, carrying out the requirements of the Diet features cooking products in various diseases. "

Everything seems to be sufficiently clear and understandable. In all other dictionaries, without exception, the definition of health food and diet, as one - it is food and healthy food. None of the dictionaries you will not find a word about low-calorie diet products, as well as of their calories at all. The main thing that unites these concepts - it is the usefulness and naturalness. Dietary (medical, utility) products cannot be unnatural, by definition. Perhaps entangled in complicated definitions, director of stores filled with shelves designed for natural and healthy foods, "low-calorie" substitutes? Maybe they just no one to open their eyes to the truth?

It dotted the "I": on our website under the dietary products meant only natural and healthy foods, and dietetic food for - curative and preventive. Role food in human health is enormous. Overestimate the influence of healthy food and balanced nutrition for our body is impossible. "We are what we eat" - this popular phrase says it all. With food, our body gets everything you need for normal life. That is why, in our diet should always be present all the basic components of food: proteins, fats, carbohydrates, essential amino acids, vitamins, minerals and much more. You must ensure that the food was varied and balanced. With the help of power can (and should) not only to cure many diseases, and even correct a genetic predisposition to certain chronic diseases.

It is this power we call dietary (medical). The treatment of various diseases with the help of certain products promoted Hippocrates. "Food should be our medicine and medicine - food" as the basis of this site is our basic principle that guides us in the selection of products in our store. Treatment of food (diet), as well as disease prevention, with a rational and balanced nutrition (food hygiene), has a number of indisputable advantages over "traditional" methods of treatment with medication (tablets and injection):

- Firstly, the treatment of healthy food does not leave any side effects that inevitably occur when "medical" treatment;

- Secondly, in the treatment of food, is a comprehensive rehabilitation of the whole organism and not struggle with the symptoms of the disease, as it happens in the "treatment" pills, i.e. eliminated the causes of disease rather than its symptoms, therefore, only in this case can we speak of recovery;

- Third, treatment with a rational and balanced diet - it's more effective treatment, in fact - is the most natural of all the existing treatments, which can make the competition in certain diseases, a therapeutic exercise, the nature of "prepared" for a person "medicine" from almost any ailment;

- Fourth, important is the financial aspect: diet, as well as compliance with food hygiene (prevention of disease, with a rational and balanced diet), despite an applicable opinion, does not cost more than the dismissive attitude to food, and, as a rule. On the contrary, turns out a lot cheaper at the expense of good nutrition and respect for moderation in eating. Saving is in treatment, and medications can be very substantial.

And the last, we think, the most compelling argument in favor of the diet and compliance with basic standards of food hygiene: personal health and the health of those closest to you is more important and the most expensive in the world. Only a healthy person can live a full life and enjoy all its manifestations. Sorry, we realize that often it is too late. However, the cause of any disease is usually non-compliance with basic norms of proper nutrition.

A thoughtful attitude to his diet and fit and informed choices of useful products - the guarantee of health and wellness. Eat right and stay healthy. We sincerely hope that our modest resources to help you with this.