Whole food vitamin supplements

Vitamin supplements shorten the life of.

Danish scientists at the University of Copenhagen have come to a paradoxical conclusion: the vitamin supplements that people take in hopes to slow the aging process, but rather shorten a person's life, rather than prolong it, according to BBCNews.

Researchers reviewed the results of 67 studies that examined the effects of vitamins A, E, beta-carotene and selenium - that is, substances belonging to the so-called antioxidants. Participants in these studies were a total of 233.000 people - both healthy and suffering from various diseases.

It was found that regular intake of vitamin A is associated with increased mortality by 16%, Vitamin E - 4%, beta-carotene - 7%. As for selenium, it did not affect mortality in anyone nor the other way.
Whole food vitamin supplements

Scientists came to the unequivocal conclusion that to prolong life with the help of vitamin supplements cannot be as prophylactic agents are at best useless, at worst - harmful.

Why is vitamin supplement can have adverse effects on humans; scientists still do not understand? It is suggested that they may disrupt the regular defense mechanisms of the body. Therefore, researchers are advised not to rely on vitamin supplements, and ensure the body's need for vitamins the natural way - with a varied and balanced diet.

Note that this is not the first study in which a large numerical material shows the futility of vitamin supplements. Because drugs in this category in recent decades in the West have acquired the widest popularity, at the disposal of scholars came a rich statistical data to analyze the effectiveness of consumption of vitamins.

Comment from the author's site: If doctors like "effect" cannot yet explain, I have a similar effect for the vitamins in pill long been identified. The fact is that the vitamin in a pure form (even if it is obtained from a natural product rather than by synthesis in the chemical laboratory) for our body is totally "unknown" substance. In this form, it is nowhere in nature does not occur. Accordingly, all that can make our body with the vitamin - is to try the "outsider" to get rid of. And it looks like he does not always work. This explains why so "unexpected" opposite effect of various vitamin and mineral complexes on the human body. All that our body (for whatever reason) cannot bring out, is stored in its different parts, in the form of small "landfill" - it the tumor. For this reason, regular use of vitamins in tablets often provokes cancer.