Diet type

In this diet type will not tell you what to eat every day but only in what you might eat different food categories.

And 'the most important meal of the day, which gives us the energy we need to live our day to the fullest. Do not ever skip it.

MILK: 1 cup of milk, a low-fat yogurt

THE 'COFFEE or' no sugar

CARBOHYDRATES: preferably whole biscuits, bread, biscuits, cereals like corn flakes with a little milk and sometimes if you want to pamper yourself a little slice of cake as dry tart fruit jam.

SUGAR: any, marmalades, honey, fresh fruit in juice.

Lunch is also important because we still have to finish the day and we need energy. Council to make a complete meal (carbohydrate, protein and vegetables) so 'eat a lighter dinner.

Carbohydrates such as pasta, rice, potatoes, bread (careful never to eat the following foods like pasta along with the bread).
Diet type

PROTEIN: chicken, rabbit, fish type's soul, monkfish, cod, etc.... low-fat cheeses like ricotta, mozzarella. Cottage cheese, etc. ..

VEGETABLES: all kinds of vegetables, making sure the type of fat used for cooking and to cook them (see our recommendations for healthy eating ).

By mid afternoon can often be hungry and not eating is bad in the evening otherwise you will come to dinner hungry; you just eat healthy foods and not high in calories:
2-3 DRY BISCUITS, FRUIT, VEGETABLES (pieces of carrot or celery) TOAST 2, etc....

Dinner should consist of foods low in fat and calories because they do not consume more energy now working. Remember that if there abuffiamo dinner calorie's expenses are not going to bed and then turn into extra pounds! Green light to all foods for a healthy and light diet like right!
Carbohydrates such as pasta, rice, potatoes, bread
VEGETABLES: all the vegetables that you like.
FRUIT: any fruit that you like.
People who like excellent advice to make soups and vegetable soups, which become very good if you add the pasta dishes.