Simple ways to burn calories

Simple ways to burn 100 calories

A long drive in the cardio gym is not necessary to burn a few calories. Others are little exercises to do.

If you feel that the university has made you grow, you're probably right. University students are much less exercise they were doing at the school, according to a study by McMaster University (Hamilton, Ontario). 50% of students who were doing exercises in a "vigorously active" during their high school years were left "insufficiently active" during their first academic year.

So why the shift to a sedentary lifestyle? The study authors say it is because the university is the first major step that most of us has to go in life, and it becomes our excuse not to do physical exercises.

However, we believe that the study overlooked the freezing temperatures, the batteries of homework and thousands of school activities, etc.... All these things are going to the gym becomes less attractive. However, even if you do not have time to integrate exercise into your schedule, there is still plenty quick exercises that will keep you moving. Here are some simple ways to burn about 100 calories, you can do without leaving the hostel.

Snuggle up to someone's special
If you have a partner, make love for an hour. You can also perform a body massage of 20 minutes.

Jump rope
Do you remember jumping rope in the courtyard of the elementary school? Return to the old days by jumping over the rope for ten minutes. A publication of the National Institute of Health Canada indicates that a 68 kg person burn about 150 calories after 15 minutes of jumping rope.
simple ways to burn calories without going to gym

Make good use of the telephone
If you're talkative (e) and talk for an hour without taking long breaks, you can burn about 100 calories.

Enjoy your own weight
We suggest doing 10 push-ups (pumps) per minute for 10 minutes, or 15 abs per minute for 10 minutes for a quick workout.

Avoid the elevator
Just go up and down the staircase and vice versa three times if you live in a three-story building. This is a great cardio workout for your heart, and everyone can have access to this free cardio workout.

If possible, sports coaches recommend making these little exercise in long sessions.

It's worth if you do these things throughout your day, then from time to time you should work for a slower session. We begin to use stored fat in the body that from 20 to 25 minutes of exercise, it is important to have longer workouts during the week.

And if you want to get the most out of your workout, we recommend that you do high-intensity movements such as jumping rope two or three times during the day. Keep your high heart rate is most important to burn calories.

For example, do not like people coming into a room of fitness to do cardio while reading magazines while walking on the carpet. This is not a workout. Instead of doing this for an hour, if you do ten minutes of high-intensity cardio, you will get the same thing.

The combination of weekly training with exercises to burn 100 calories can create significant changes: over a year, you could lose more than 4.5 kg just by performing a simple physical activity each day.