Ideal weight chart

Ideal weight chart and energy requirements

Do not just stop at this page because you will also find a table below the requirement of calories needed by your sex and weight.

ideal weight chart for men by age and height

This table is very useful because it shows us how many calories we take in accordance with our weight and our activities we do during the day.

Of course it is indicative and varies from person to person but we can take as an example to compare the amount of food we eat and the actual amount of food that we ingest.

Never forget that proper nutrition should always have three main meals and two snacks.

The main meal should be breakfast that should always be served with food and of course plenty of healthy and satiating as fat milk, yogurt, jams, honey, sweet cakes or light homemade fruit will dry biscuits or light bread and cereals integrals.

The second meal is the meal that must bring us nourishment and has sated. There is nothing better than to be served a dish with noodles or rice combined with vegetables cooked in a healthy way even without using butter or animal fat, but always preferring our delicious olive oil.

The last main meal is the dinner that must always be light to be easy on your stomach before bed. A great dish of lean meat or fish or eggs or cottage cheese are certainly 'more a' good solution for our dinner of course, always accompanied by side dishes of vegetables.

As for snacks mid-morning and mid afternoon are vital if we get hungry for lunch or dinner. They're great snacks such as fruit juices, fresh fruit, low-fat smoothies, yogurt, whole grains etc..

Duranti our meals and snacks we prefer to eat whole grains that being rich in fiber will help us a great help to our intestines to be regular.

Do not forget to drink during the day the course 'of all water before and after fresh fruit juices and skim milk. Avoid drinking carbonated drinks instead of sugar or rich that swell and we only make so many unnecessary calories.

Make a proper physical activity is essential for a healthy body needs only to walk over and give up the car to go downtown or at work. Rediscovering the bicycle, especially in warm weather, it will benefit our bodies.