Summer diet


Now we have the summer is here and with this you must discover the body rolls and often displaying accumulated flesh. During their long winter months.

There are no problems to get in shape or stay in line just control themselves a bit!
First of all, in our favor is the heat that often takes us a desire to eat fatty foods and instead makes us want to eat fresh and healthy foods. Why not take advantage!

Green light for salads, grilled vegetables or raw vegetables and lots of fruit!
As the summer menu will propose a day of diet type that you can follow and vary as you wish provided you do not bring food fats:
Summer diet

diet during the summer - Breakfast
diet in the summer - lunch
diet during the summer - snack
diet in the summer - dinner

Depending on your habits, coffee or tea milk with cereals (preferably those with low fat) or biscuits. Alternatively, you can enter the milk and or yogurt probiotic drinks very well.

If you are at home you can make an 'excellent salad of refreshed pasta dough by adding all the seasonal vegetables that you like more: eggplant and zucchini pickles to taste. The first after a nice fresh fruit salad alternatively two slices of melon and summer lunch is made.

If you're out of business can take a second of perhaps adding salads to your salad as the chicken or tuna and mozzarella here like a lemon sorbet dessert or a scoop the ice cream Usto fruit.

By the mid-afternoon snacks will be fine fruit (peach apricot melon, etc.) and those who did not take the ice cream for lunch a scoop of ice cream or fruit ice.

For dinner, there are several alternatives, grilled vegetables and lean meat, a nice plate of prosciutto and melon, mozzarella and tomato cottage cheese and fresh vegetables or low-fat cheese spread on a slice of bread. Even a simple bruschetta topped with olive oil goes well maybe d 'olive oil and fresh tomatoes. You can be round off your meal with slices of bread or creakier at your leisure. After dinner, a slice of watermelon will refresh, and you will satisfy.