Magnesium can increase the testosterone values?

In a study published in the March edition of the items Biol Trace Res. (2010) examined Cinar and employees about the supplements of magnesium may increase the levels of sex hormone testosterone. Any increase will be valuable for everyone who aims to become stronger and gain more muscle.

A group of taekwondo athletes were divided into three groups:
a) trained not + magnesium 10mg / kg body weight
b) Taekwondo 90-120min per day + 10mg magnesium / kg body weight
c) Taekwondo 90-120min per day without supplements of magnesium

Both total and free testosterone increased quantity, also in the group that trained taekwondo in the four weeks the experiment was done. The researchers concluded that supplements of magnesium increases free and total testosterone levels in both active and inactive players, with the highest levels were found in the active athletes.
testosterone values

Despite the fact that neither body weight, body composition, energy intake, or blood samples of magnesium status, there are interesting findings. This is perhaps first and foremost that we know that lack of magnesium can restrict performance capability - in addition to the lack of magnesium is relatively common, both in terms of population as a whole but also for athletes who need to think about weight.

That said, it is also important to emphasize that if you consume enough magnesium, you will not have any additive effect of adding more magnesium body. This is also in line with a ten year old meta-study by Newhouse (Clin J Sport with 2000) which concluded

Most evidence indicates no effect of Mg supplementation Wed performance (strength, Anaerobic and aerobic-lactacid)

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